JUST LIKE P!NK | PINK Tribute Band | Dallas, TX

"The best thing I've seen/heard in a tribute act!" - Johnny Campos, Without Warning

“Best entertainer singer around and THE BEST TRIBUTE BAND EVER!” - Jd Lollar

“Saw them live @ Bomb Factory. The best cover band I have ever seen! Big fan & my music snob buddy was correct, a must see!!!!” - Steve Nulty

“I think y'all do a fantastic set... Hands down one of the best tributes going and better every time I see you. No other show like it! Pink herself would pay to see it!!!” - Tony Avezzano, 3418 Music



It all started when…

Biggie picked up playing guitar when he was 20. He was self taught. Picked up some books, learned some basic chords, learned how to read tablature, watched the Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged set over and over to learn as much as he could off that performance. About 3 years later, he met an original band called Red Tape Poetry. He became really good friends of theirs and was helping every which way he could. One day, their bassist quit and he was asked to try out for bass. He had never played bass before. Never been in a band before. Never performed before. He tried out and got the job. He had 2 weeks to learn 45 minutes worth of their music. His first show was playing at a venue called The Abyss in Houston, TX. Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, NIN had played there. Sevendust had played the night before this show. It was sink or swim. He soon would be opening for Blue October on numerous accounts. The band packed it up and moved to Dallas, TX where they hired a new singer and cut a new record. About 6 months later it was nominated Rock Album of the Year in 2002 by 97.1 The Eagle. The winner went to the great Edgewater. RTP did win Best New Artist that year. After those days were over, he hung up playing for a good while and started the cover scene. This is where he met his wife Julia Small the singer of Just Like P!NK. They did a cover band called Crossing Main for a few years and then converted to a P!NK tribute called Dirty Little Freaks, which then became Just Like P!NK. He is also in a tribute to Alice In Chains called Go Ask Alice. He does web design for a living working for Magnolia Pictures and also does a lot of design and booking for the Dallas tribute scene with his companies Small Media and ProMotion Entertainment.

Listen to some of the songs he wrote with Red Tape Poetry.