JUST LIKE P!NK | PINK Tribute Band | Dallas, TX

"The best thing I've seen/heard in a tribute act!" - Johnny Campos, Without Warning

“Best entertainer singer around and THE BEST TRIBUTE BAND EVER!” - Jd Lollar

“Saw them live @ Bomb Factory. The best cover band I have ever seen! Big fan & my music snob buddy was correct, a must see!!!!” - Steve Nulty

“I think y'all do a fantastic set... Hands down one of the best tributes going and better every time I see you. No other show like it! Pink herself would pay to see it!!!” - Tony Avezzano, 3418 Music

Michael demma


Guitars, bass, keyboards, drums.  Completely self-taught.  Total immersion.  Listen and learn.  Observe then recreate.  Demma's first band formed in early high school achieving success beyond standard garage band status. With a catalog of hits as well as original compositions the group would win talent showcases, battles of the bands and perform in exclusive teen night club and for private events. Demma has battled addiction all his adult life, chasing the "high" experienced through synergy.  Ever in constant pursuit of that magical rare elusive euphoria felt when a combination of dedicated individuals discover that together they can achieve something well exceeding the sum of their individual contributions.  Armed with the philosophy that bands assemble in the garage yet are forged in the searing white hot heat of live performance, he cherishes the selfless investment and commitment everyone in the group makes to each other.  On stage, us versus them, stand and deliver, don’t just play…PERFORM.  Demma has found his musical happy place in the local Dallas tribute scene introducing new audiences to the power of Pink's lyrics and music.  His favorite moment of every show is watching audience members transform from arms folded dubious uncertainty to fist pumping enlightenment as they truly feel emotion within the music.