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JUST LIKE P!NK: The Ultimate P!NK Experience motivation stems from an honest admiration, dedication and emotional attachment to P!NK and her music.  They strive to exquisitely capture and embody the true essence of P!NK's spirit through live performance, as only true fans could. 


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"The best thing I've seen/heard in a tribute act!" - Johnny Campos, Without Warning

“I think y'all do a fantastic set... Hands down one of the best tributes going and better every time I see you. No other show like it! Pink herself would pay to see it!!!” Tony Avezzano, 3418 Music

"Caught you guys last night at the House of Blues. Originally came to see Ozzy but stuck around, cuz I'm a pink fan. I'm a metelhead, like the band members. I have to say...i was impressed. Very awesome performance and show. Nailed it!" - James Lance White

"So many people couldn't make it to the front till u guys were over...But was such a great show....So happy I was able to come and bring some friends. ...Great night! YOU GUYS ROCK!" - Norma Jean Rodriguez

“Yall truly rocked! I actually never enjoyed a band as much as I enjoyed the pink tribute. My husband is a big 80s fan and he did not want to go cause he only likes rock and he ended up enjoying it alot! He was even was singing the songs and dancing!” - Tandj Grandos

“I've seen DLF three times in the last few months. Every show has been stellar. Vocals are always spot on, even the harmonies supplied by the back-up musicians. The singer is always engaging with the audience and putting on a great show. I always enjoy watching them and will be taking my 12 year-old daughter, whom is a Pink fan. There is nothing objectionable about the show; it is totally family friendly.” - Dave

“The JLP show was amazing! The sound mix was out of this world- cheers to House of Blues sound crew. The house was packed & they certainly showed the band the love they deserved- JLP fed off the crowd's energy & put on a hell of a show. These guys definitely deserve the chance to be in the House of Blues spotlight again & again.” - Jesse, Fool Fighters

“See this band at their next show if you can. Dirty Little Freaks!! These guys rock!!” - Ray White

“Great time as always and thanks to Dirty Little Freaks for playing with us. Julia Small and the boys nail PINK to a t! I highly suggest checking them out.” - Wayne Stokley, Blaze of Glory

“Just Like P!NK kicking ass at Hat Tricks! For anyone who says "A 'Pink' tribute? Really?"... I say "Yes! Believe it!"” - Roy Lee Nelson, Blaze of Glory